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KEAP Depression Relapse Prevention-Part 3 (Webinar)



Start Time

10/30/2019 10:30 AM

End Time

10/30/2019 11:30 AM


Preventative measures in mental health are a necessary strategy, but no more so then with depression given the progression of the disease. We invite those with a history of depression to participate in a multi-session webinar discussing ​strategies aimed at reducing the risk of relapse. This webinar will incorporate three different installments allowing for the elaboration of ideas and the opportunity to discuss specific issues over an extended length of time. Participants will be provided with techniques to practice at home so these experiences can be discussed during the following webinar. Signing up for this webinar indicates that you are willing to complete the assignments and engage in the conversation via chat message in order to get the most benefit from the experience. Techniques discussed will be drawn from traditional therapy approaches as well as some more innovative treatment methods, such as mindful awareness, which may add some new perspective to the way you handle your mood and view your life. After signing up for the webinar with your training liaison a prescreening interview will take place with the presenter. This interview will be short phone conversations to evaluate your needs and answer any questions you have about the series.




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