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Blood Donation Leave

The Kentucky Safety Program and the Personnel Cabinet are pleased to sponsor blood drives throughout the year for the Kentucky Blood Center.  Read more in the Employee Handbook.

On April 3, 2020, Personnel Memo 20-04 was issued to provide direction for COVID-19 blood drive protocols applicable to Executive Branch state employees at state government facilities. We will continue to monitor this situation and provide updates as they become available. 

2021 Blood Donation Opportunities

All locations listed below are in Frankfort, KY

          • 2          American Red Cross             106 Diagnostic Drive 
          • 9          Kentucky Blood Center        Mayo Underwood Building
          • 9          American Red Cross             Hiram Lodge - 308 Ann Street  
          • 9          Kentucky Blood Center        Centralized Lab
          • 14        Kentucky Blood Center        KY State Police Records and Technology
          • 16        American Red Cross             106 Diagnostic Drive  
          • 23        American Red Cross             Hiram Lodge - 308 Ann Street
          • 30        American Red Cross             106 Diagnostic Drive 
          • 5          Kentucky Blood Center        Kentucky State Capitol
          • 7          American Red Cross             Hiram Lodge - 308 Ann Street 
          • 12        Kentucky Blood Center        Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority 
          • 14        American Red Cross             106 Diagnostic Drive
          • 14        Kentucky Blood Center        Memorial Baptist Church - 130 Holmes Street
          • 20        Kentucky Blood Center        Cabinet for Health and Family Services 
          • 21        American Red Cross             Hiram Lodge - 308 Ann Street
          • 21        Kentucky Blood Center        Kentucky Transportation Cabinet 
          • 28        American Red Cross             106 Diagnostic Drive 
          • 4          Kentucky Blood Center        Mayo Underwood Building
          • 4          American Red Cross             Hiram Lodge - 308 Ann Street
          • 4          Kentucky Blood Center        Centralized Lab
          • 9          Kentucky Blood Center        KY State Police Records and Technology 
          • 11        American Red Cross             106 Diagnostic Drive
          • 18        American Red Cross             Hiram Lodge - 308 Ann Street  
          • 25        American Red Cross             106 Diagnostic Drive

Know Before You Go

          • Employees can receive four hours of leave time with pay for donating and recuperating from donating blood.
          • The donation must occur during an employee's scheduled work day, and does not include the lunch period.
          • Leave time should be taken at the time of donation unless circumstances, as specified by the supervisor, require the donor to return to work. In this case, the unused portion of leave time will be credited as compensatory time.
          • Agencies should notify their employees of individual blood donation policies.
          • Donations can be made at any licensed blood center certified by the Food and Drug Administration.
          • Prior supervisory approval is needed as well as verification after the blood donation.
          • Employees deferred from donating shall not be charged for the time used in attempting to donate, but will not receive the four hours leave time as those who donate.
          • For questions regarding the blood donation policy, contact the Office of Employee Relations at 502.564.9653  

For questions about donating blood, contact

The Kentucky Blood Center at 800.775.2522

Appointments to donate may be scheduled through the Kentucky Blood Center’s website at www.kybloodcenter.org.               

For more information on the Kentucky Blood Center's enhanced donation procedures, please view the following document:    KBC COVID-19 Safety Info for Donors

The American Red Cross at 800.733.2767

Appointments to donate may be scheduled through the American Red Cross' website at https://www.redcrossblood.org