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COBRA Continuation of Benefits


The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) allows employees and dependents to continue health insurance coverage at group rates. There must be a loss of group health insurance coverage to be able to elect COBRA continuation.

You have 60 days from the notification date from WageWorks to decide whether you want to elect COBRA continuation coverage under the plan.

Contact your insurance coordinator or human resources generalist to learn more about this benefit.


2018 Monthly COBRA Rates

SingleParent PlusCouple Family
LivingWell CDHP$723.65$998.07$1352.15$1509.36
LivingWell PPO$743.93$1057.82$1620.88$1802.95
Standard PPO$699.09$995.42$1527.12$1699.59
Standard CDHP$696.46$959.45$1479.02$1647.61
Waiver HRA $160.65


2017 Monthly COBRA Rates

SingleParent PlusCouple Family
LivingWell CDHP$716.14$986.52$1,328.79$1,483.02
LivingWell PPO$735.56$1,043.50$1,595.48$1,773.17
Standard PPO$691.78$983.87$1,507.27$1,677.10
Standard CDHP$677.08$949.56$1,460.40$1,626.41
Waiver HRA $160.65