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Direct Deposit and Electronic Salary Statement Information

Direct Deposit

The Commonwealth of Kentucky utilizes direct deposit to deliver payroll. It is a convenient, reliable, cost and time saving alternative to issuing paper checks. It eliminates the need to pick-up and cash a check on pay day and instead provides access to funds immediately upon deposit.

Options for enrolling in direct deposit include use of:

    1. A personal checking/savings account at a financial institution of your choice, or
    2. A payroll card.

Click on one of the options above for details and instructions on how to enroll.

Click HERE to access a guide that further describes these two options.

Electronic Salary Statement

The Employee Self-Service (ESS) feature of the Kentucky Human Resources Information System (KHRIS), gives access to an electronic salary statement (check stub). All salary statements since KHRIS Go-Live (March 2011) are stored here and are accessible at any time*. They can be viewed, saved and printed through ESS.

Guide to Accessing and Understanding Your Electronic Salary Statement

*On occassion, it is necessary to lock down KHRIS for scheduled activities such as payroll and W-2 processing and system maintenance. During these outages, access to KHRIS ESS is temporarily blocked.

For a list of upcoming system outages please check our Operations Calendar. Dates outlined in RED indicate a scheduled outage occurring during that day.

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