Governor's Minority Management Trainee Program (GMMTP)

The Governor's Minority Management Trainee Program (GMMTP) is a flagship program designed in 1995 to provide guidance and leadership development opportunities for minority employees within our state government enterprise. GMMTP has garnered respect and attention from benchmark states, as a model for retaining and promoting minorities within government. This program will aide in developing individual potential to solve emerging workforce issues as they pertain to state government. GMMTP is a two year transformational leadership development program.

GMMTP is designed to:

              • Recruit exceptional minority employees interested in furthering their career in state government.
              • Enhance the skills and leadership potential of those enrolled.
              • Engage participants in an exploration of leadership in state government
              • Provide participants with opportunities to network
              • Receive additional career mentoring and coaching from public and private sector professionals
              • Perform community service, and
              • Develop a professional portfolio.


GMMTP Eligibility

GMMTP Program is open to employees in all Executive Branch Cabinets and Constitutional Offices. Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

              • Be an ethnic minority of African, Hispanic, Asian, Indian or Native American descent
              • Have one (1) year of state government service
              • Qualify for a grade 10 job classification or higher
              • Receive recommendation from their Cabinet Secretary
              • Aspire to be a manager and demonstrate exceptional management potential


GMMTP Application

Applications to GMMTP will be available June 15, 2017, via the Personnel Cabinet’s website, as well as through individual agencies. All applications should be submitted by 12:00 PM, July 17, 2017 the Personnel Cabinet through Agency Liaisons. The application will consist of the following:

              • General Application
              • Personal Reflection Essays
              • (3) Letters of Recommendation
              • Applicant - Agency Agreement Form



Information Packet


Letter of Recommendation Form

Agency Liaison Listing