Webinars will be available throughout the year.

1. WageWorks Card Use Verification webinar training, click here.

2. Introducing Go365 webinar, click here.

3. The KEHP/Anthem Partnership- an introduction to Anthem's tools, extra products, and benefit descriptions (LiveHealth Online, smart phone app, special offers, Quick Care Options, Diabetes Prevention Program, myStrength, NurseLine 24/7, and other extra benefit descriptions), click here.

4. Plan year 2017 Open Enrollment webinar training, click here.


New insurance coordinator and human resource generalist training.

This is a series of webinars for new insurance coordinator and new human resource generalist training.

        • Session 1
          Administration Overview, TPAs & Contact Information
          IC/HRG responsibilities
          Eligibility for the KEHP
          Qualifying Events
          Transfers, Leaves & Termination
          Benefit Highlights