Webinars will be available throughout the year.

1. GO365 -Overview of new features, functions and changes from HumanaVitality to GO365. Click here for the Webinar.

2. Vitals SmartShopper -Overview for IC's and HRG's of the Vitals SmartShopper program and how to help your employees utilize the benefit. Click here for the webinar.

3. WageWorks Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account training presentation, click here for the pdf. Click here for the webinar.

4. WageWorks Card Use Verification webinar training, click here.

5. Introducing Go365 webinar, click here.

6. The KEHP/Anthem Partnership- an introduction to Anthem's tools, extra products, and benefit descriptions (LiveHealth Online, smart phone app, special offers, Quick Care Options, Diabetes Prevention Program, myStrength, NurseLine 24/7, and other extra benefit descriptions), click here.

7. Plan year 2017 Open Enrollment webinar training, click here.


New insurance coordinator and human resource generalist training.

This is a series of webinars for new insurance coordinator and new human resource generalist training.

        • Session 1
          Administration Overview, TPAs & Contact Information
          IC/HRG responsibilities
          Eligibility for the KEHP
          Qualifying Events
          Transfers, Leaves & Termination
          Benefit Highlights