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Additional Open Enrollment Information.pdfAdditional Open Enrollment Information20-12
WageWorks HealthEquity.pdfWageWorks HealthEquity20-11
Open Enrollment for PY2021.pdfOpen Enrollment for PY202120-10
New Guidance for FSAs.pdfNew Guidance for FSAs20-09
Expanded COVID-19 Healthcare Coverage.pdfExpanded COVID-19 Healthcare Coverage20-08
New Online Enrollment Application.pdfNew Online Enrollment Application20-07
Memo-Summer Transfers-LWOP-Hiring Transfers.pdfMemo-Summer Transfers-LWOP-Hiring Transfers20-06
Member Benefit Updates Related to COVID-19.pdfMember Benefit Updates Related to COVID-1920-05
Updates Related to COVID-19.pdfUpdates Related to COVID-1920-04
Administration Manual Update.pdfAdministration Manual Update20-03
Optional Insurance Branch Manager.pdfOptional Insurance Branch Manager20-02
Updated Refund Policy and Credit (Refund) Request Form.pdfUpdated Refund Policy and Credit (Refund) Request Form20-01
KEHP RWC Regional Map.pdfKEHP RWC Regional Map20-00A
StayWell Regional Well-Being Coordinators.pdfStayWell Regional Well-Being Coordinators20-00
Update on StayWell.pdfUpdate on StayWell19-13
Life Insurance during LWOP.pdfLife Insurance during LWOP19-12
New Well-Being Provider for 2020.pdfNew Well-Being Provider for 202019-11
Updates for Open Enrollment PY2020.pdfUpdates for Open Enrollment PY202019-10
Administration Manual Release Update.pdfAdministration Manual Release Update19-09
Open Enrollment PY2020.pdfOpen Enrollment PY202019-08
Summer Transfers-LWOP-Hiring Transfers 2019.pdfSummer Transfers-LWOP-Hiring Transfers 201919-07
New Life Enrollment and Beneficiary Form.pdfNew Life Enrollment and Beneficiary Form19-06
Administration Manual Release.pdfAdministration Manual Release19-05
Annual HIPAA Training Requirements.pdfAnnual HIPAA Training Requirements19-04
Ongoing Dependent Verification Reminder.pdfOngoing Dependent Verification Reminder19-03
Exception Requests.pdfException Requests19-02
Infotype 9925 and Go365.pdfInfotype 9925 and Go36519-01
Dental and Vision Billing.pdfDental and Vision Billing18-19
EIB Reminders.pdfEIB Reminders18-18
Waiver General Purpose HRA.pdfWaiver General Purpose HRA18-17
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​Insurance Coordinator Memos

KEHP Memo Format (IC).pdfKEHP Memo Format (IC)17-17
Annual Training Requirements (IC).pdfAnnual Training Requirements (IC)17-16
Office 365 Migration and Secure Email (IC).pdfOffice 365 Migration and Secure Email (IC)17-15
New Process for Applications (IC).pdfNew Process for Applications (IC)17-14
Open Enrollment Updates(IC).pdfOpen Enrollment Updates(IC)17-13
Follow-Up Verification Documents(IC).pdfFollow-Up Verification Documents(IC)17-12
URGENT Reminders(IC).pdfURGENT Reminders(IC)17-11
Benefit Fair Schedule PY2018.pdfBenefit Fair Schedule PY201817-10A
Open Enrollment Plan Year 2018(IC).pdfOpen Enrollment Plan Year 2018(IC)17-10
Verification Documents(IC).pdfVerification Documents(IC)17-09
QE Chart – Appendix P.pdfQE Chart – Appendix P17-08B
Administration Manual Update 3rd Quarter 2017(IC).pdfAdministration Manual Update 3rd Quarter 2017(IC)17-08
Retro changes(IC).pdfRetro changes(IC)17-07
LW Promise Deadline(IC).pdfLW Promise Deadline(IC)17-06
2017 Summer Transfers-LWOP-Hiring Transfers.pdf2017 Summer Transfers-LWOP-Hiring Transfers17-05
Administration Manual(IC).pdfAdministration Manual(IC)17-04
Reminders for ICs.pdfReminders for ICs17-03
New EIB Email(IC).pdfNew EIB Email(IC)17-02
Acting EIB Manager(IC).pdfActing EIB Manager(IC)17-01
Forms and OE Cleanup (IC).pdfForms and OE Cleanup (IC)16-14
How to View-Print My Signed Agreements.pdfHow to View-Print My Signed Agreements16-13B
How to Navigate iSTEP Portal.pdfHow to Navigate iSTEP Portal16-13A
Annual HIPAA Training.pdfAnnual HIPAA Training16-13
2017 Open Enrollment Updates(IC).pdf2017 Open Enrollment Updates(IC)16-12
2017 OE Benefit Fair Schedule.pdf2017 OE Benefit Fair Schedule16-11A
2017 Open Enrollment(IC).pdf2017 Open Enrollment(IC)16-11
General Reminders(IC).pdfGeneral Reminders(IC)16-10
Final Notice Change in LWP Rqmt 070816.pdfFinal Notice Change in LWP Rqmt 07081616-09A
KEHP LivingWell Promise NOT Fulfilled(IC).pdfKEHP LivingWell Promise NOT Fulfilled(IC)16-09
HumanaVitality Wellness Leaders Conference (IC).pdfHumanaVitality Wellness Leaders Conference (IC)16-08
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​Human Resource Generalist Memos

KEHP Memo Format.pdfKEHP Memo Format17-15
Office 365 Migration and Secure Email.pdfOffice 365 Migration and Secure Email17-14
New Process for Applications.pdfNew Process for Applications17-13
Open Enrollment Updates.pdfOpen Enrollment Updates17-12
Follow-Up Verification Documents.pdfFollow-Up Verification Documents17-11
URGENT Reminders.pdfURGENT Reminders17-10
Benefit Fair Schedule PY2018.pdfBenefit Fair Schedule PY201817-09A
Open Enrollment Plan Year 2018.pdfOpen Enrollment Plan Year 201817-09
Verification Documents.pdfVerification Documents17-08
QE Chart – Appendix P.pdfQE Chart – Appendix P17-07B
Administration Manual Update 3rd Quarter 2017.pdfAdministration Manual Update 3rd Quarter 201717-07
Retro changes.pdfRetro changes17-06
LW Promise Deadline.pdfLW Promise Deadline17-05
Administration Manual.pdfAdministration Manual17-04
Reminders for HRGs.pdfReminders for HRGs17-03
New EIB Email.pdfNew EIB Email17-02
Acting EIB Manager.pdfActing EIB Manager17-01
Forms and OE Cleanup (HRG).pdfForms and OE Cleanup (HRG)16-11
2017 Open Enrollment Updates.pdf2017 Open Enrollment Updates16-10
2017 OE Benefit Fair Schedule.pdf2017 OE Benefit Fair Schedule16-09A
2017 Open Enrollment.pdf2017 Open Enrollment16-09
General Reminders.pdfGeneral Reminders16-08
Final Notice Change in LWP Rqmt 070816.pdfFinal Notice Change in LWP Rqmt 07081616-07A
KEHP LivingWell Promise NOT Fulfilled.pdfKEHP LivingWell Promise NOT Fulfilled16-07
HumanaVitality Wellness Leaders Conference.pdfHumanaVitality Wellness Leaders Conference16-06
Qualifying Event for loss of Medicare Coverage.pdfQualifying Event for loss of Medicare Coverage16-05
Manager Change.pdfManager Change16-04
Location Report 03-10-2016.pdfLocation Report 03-10-201616-03A
2016 Completed LivingWell Promise.pdf2016 Completed LivingWell Promise16-03
2016 Administration Manual.pdf2016 Administration Manual16-02
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