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2017 LivingWell PPO

          • The LivingWell Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) is a traditional health plan.
          • If you choose this plan, you must complete the LivingWell Promise.
          • This plan is a good choice if you prefer having a larger premium in exchange for a fixed co-pay for certain services.
          • This plan includes a flat co-pay amount for prescription coverage.
          • The maximum out-of-pocket amount for the LivingWell PPO is the same as the LivingWell CDHP. However, the PPO does not include an HRA to help reduce your out-of-pocket costs.
          • Medical and prescription out-of-pocket maximums accumulate separately.
          • Co-pays apply to the out-of-pocket maximum but not the deductible.


2017 LivingWell PPO SBC

2017 LivingWell PPO SPD

2017 RX SPD Livingwell PPO

Benefits Grid


90-day retail pharmacies

ACA Preventive Drug List

Preferred Drug List-As of April 2017

Specialty Drug List-As of April 2017

The LivingWell PPO and the LivingWell CDHP both require completion of the LivingWell Promise. See how your costs compare under both plans in the chart below. The chart below is for illustrative purposes only.