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 2016 LivingWell Promise  

Why does KEHP offer LivingWell Promise plans? 

The LivingWell plans are part of KEHP's overall wellness program. These plans offer:

          • Access to excellent plan benefits;
          • Avenues to learn about your health status and history;
          • Opportunities to learn about and understand your health risks; and   
          • Specific, personalized goals to get and stay healthy.

What is the LivingWell Promise?

If you chose one of the LivingWell plans, you agreed to:

Complete your onlineHumanaVitality® Health Assessment between January 1 and May 1, 2016


Complete a Vitality Check (biometric screening). Learn more and find locations here.

What is the Health Assessment?

The HumanaVitality® Health Assessment includes a series of questions about you and your health habits. It takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. After completion, you will know your Vitality Age and will be provided specific steps you can take to improve your health.

What is a Vitality Check (biometric screening)?

A Vitality Check is a biometric screening that consists of lab work to measure your cholesterol and blood glucose, blood pressure, and height, weight and waist circumference to learn your Body Mass Index (BMI). For more accurate results, fast for at least nine hours prior to the test.

A Vitality Check will give you more accurate and recent results to use when populating your Health Assessment. And in turn, you will have a more accurate Vitality Age.

You will earn 400 Vitality Points for taking each test (cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure). You’ll earn more HumanaVitality
points for completing a Vitality Check than you will by taking just a Health Assessment. If you choose, you may take both and earn more points! 

The Vitality Check increases your awareness of your health status. The results do not affect your health insurance coverage or premiums.  

Who must complete the LivingWell Promise?

Only the planholder is required to complete the LivingWell Promise. Non-employee spouses and dependents covered under the plan will not be required to complete the Health Assessment. If you have the cross-reference payment option, you and your spouse both must complete the Health Assessment.

What happens if I fail to complete the LivingWell Promise between January 1 and May 1, 2016?

If you choose a LivingWell plan and fail to fulfill the LivingWell Promise, you will not be eligible to participate in the LivingWell Promise or choose a LivingWell plan option for the next plan year (2016). You will only be eligible for the standard plan options in the 2017 plan year.

New employees who elect a LivingWell plan after open enrollment must complete the Health Assessment within 90 days of the effective date of their coverage.

What happens with the information collected through the Health Assessment?

KEHP takes your personal health information seriously and has measures in place to protect this information. All personal health information from the Health Assessment and any information disclosed during the assessment will be kept confidential. HumanaVitality only provides aggregate data (combined data based on all the H​ealth Assessments completed by members) to KEHP. No personal health information is shared with your employer.

Issues or concerns completing the Health Assessment?

If you have concerns or issues related to completing the HumanaVitality Health Assessment for your LivingWell Promise, contact customer service at 855-478-1623.


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