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2018 LivingWell CDHP


The LivingWell Consumer Driven Health Plan – puts you in more control of managing your health expenses.

            • You pay 15% and the health plan pays 85% once your deductible is met - which is the lowest member co-insurance percentage.
            • Your medical and pharmacy costs apply toward the deductible and maximum out-of-pocket.
            • Your costs for medications on the preventive therapy drug benefit list bypass the deductible so you only pay the co-insurance amount. See page 23 in your Benefits Selection Guide for more information.
            • You must complete the LivingWell Promise. If you fail to, you will not receive a discount on your premiums for the 2019 plan year.
            • You will receive a pre-funded Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) you can use to pay toward your deductible and maximum out-of-pocket expenses.

How the HRA works

You will receive a WageWorks® Healthcare Card, that is pre-funded with $500 for single coverage or $1,000 for couple, parent plus, or family coverage levels. 
Use the HRA to help pay for your deductible. 
Use this card at your doctor’s office, hospital, or pharmacy. Simply swipe the card to help pay for your eligible expenses which will be deducted from your card balance.

HRA helps reduce your costs

The HRA can be used to reduce your deductible. You will receive a WageWorks® Healthcare Card pre-funded with $500 for single coverage or $1,000 for couple, parent plus, or family coverage levels. Just swipe the WageWorks® Healthcare Card at any in-network provider’s office or pharmacy and the eligible expense amount will be deducted from your card balance. Often, your card swipes are automatically processed; however, you may be requested to submit expense receipts for documentation if the card swipe cannot be automatically verified.

HRA funds

If your annual expenses are below $500 for single coverage or below $1,000 for all other coverage levels, you won’t have to spend any money out of your own pocket. Also, funds of $7,500 or less remaining in your CDHP HRA at the end of 2018 will carry over to your new CDHP HRA for 2019. Once you use all your HRA funds, you will pay for all additional expenses until your deductible is met. After the deductible is met you will be responsible for paying the member co-insurance amount. Once the out-of-pocket maximum is met, the KEHP will pay 100% of your covered services.

TIP: You can also enroll in a Healthcare FSA to increase your personal tax savings and help cover your deductible expenses. The Healthcare FSA amount you choose to contribute will be added to the HRA amount ($500/$1,000) and loaded on the same WageWorks Healthcare Card. FSA funds are used first when accessing your spending account to pay for eligible expenses.​​


The chart below is for illustrative purposes only.


Benefits Grid
2018 LivingWell CDHP SBC
2018 LivingWell CDHP SPD
2018 KEHP Integrated HRA SPD
2018 RX SPD Livingwell CDHP
90-day retail pharmacies
ACA Preventive Drug List
Preventive Therapy Drug Benefit Listing for CDHPs
Preferred Drug List