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     National Safety Month


Each June, the National Safety Council celebrates National Safety Month as a time to bring attention to key safety issues. The following information is available to Commonwealth of Kentucky employees to help identify and reduce the risk of unintended injury and death.


Week 1: Stand Ready to Respond

Poster:      When Seconds Matter, Will You Be Ready?

Tip Sheet: Preparing today can make a difference tomorrow

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                                       AEDs in the Workplace

Week 2: Be Healthy

Poster:      Safeguard Your Health

Tip Sheet: Reach for Safer Medicines

Related Information: Diabetes and Worker Safety

                                      Exploring Shift Worker Health

Week 3: Watch Out for Dangers

Poster:      Watch Out for Dangers

Tip Sheet: Being Safe Means Being Alert

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                                        Stop-Work Authority

Week 4: Share the Roads Safely

Poster:      Make Good Choices While Driving

Tip Sheet: The Roads Belong to Us All - Let's Make Safe Choices 

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                                       Drowsy Driving and Worker Safety

Additional Information

                 Protect Children Around Water - Every Time!

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