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 Public Service Recognition Week Toolkit

As a manager, you have the opportunity to make a difference in your employees and your organization by doing simple things to recognize your team and show appreciation for their efforts.

Research shows that employees who feel appreciated become more engaged and feel more satisfied with their work.  Motivated employees facilitate higher customer satisfaction and, in turn, positively influence organizational performance.  Employees are more likely to stay with an organization that not only cares about their people’s development but really does something to show it.  Below are ideas for recognizing your team, not only during Public Service Recognition Week, but throughout the year.

Please note that state funds cannot be used for Public Service Recognition events. For additional information, please refer to Use of Public Funds (FAP 120-23-00).



Hold a recognition breakfast, luncheon, ice cream party or pizza party. Have supervisors and manager set up, serve, etc.

Hold a drawing for various gift cards (donated by supervisors and managers) for restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, cinemas, book stores, etc. Hold a drawing for a reserved parking spot.

Sponsor an event, featuring guest speakers, snacks, games, prizes and a message of thanks to employees for their dedicated service.

Pick a theme for your week and carry it throughout (like Spirit Week), or specify days with a unique theme (pennant day, appreciation day, reflection day, t-shirt day).

Challenge another division or agency to games or team-building activities.

Get Creative

Produce a special edition of your employee newsletter and include the Governor’s proclamation, thank you remarks from your agency director and others, messages of congratulations, and photos of recognition events.

Display letters your agency has received from citizens who appreciated your service. Make sure they’re displayed in an area the public can see as well.

Throughout the week, give on-the-spot awards to employees who show any of the agency’s values, or create special certificates for each employee. Make them creative!

Use the bulletin boards in your building or create your own to celebrate your employees. You can include photos of agency award winners or a "who’s who" of your employees.

Assist the Cabinet Secretary in recording a voicemail of gratitude to the employees.

Thank each employee personally. If you can’t thank them in person, draft a hand-written note-card, letter or e-mail.