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Personnel Memos​

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PM NameSubjectDate IssuedDocument Link
2020-04Blood Drives4/3/2020View memo
2020-03HR Protocols for 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Children at Work3/19/2020View memo
2020-02HR Protocols for 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Agency Staffing3/13/2020View memo
2020-012019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)3/10/2020View memo
2019-22Adverse Weather Leave12/9/2019View memo
2019-21Inauguration Day Instructions11/22/2019View memo
2019-202020 Holidays for State Personnel11/22/2019View memo
2019-19State Employee Incentive Program Update11/12/2019View memo
2019-18Regulation Amendments: 101 KAR 2:102, 101 KAR 3:01511/1/2019View memo
2019-17General Election – November 5, 201910/10/2019View memo
2019-16Personnel Cabinet’s Kentucky Employee Mediation Regulation (101 KAR 2:230)10/4/2019View memo
2019-15Active Shooter Online Training10/3/2019View memo
2019-14Annual State Certification for Drug-Free Workplace Federal Grants10/1/2019View memo
2019-13Open Enrollment: Health Insurance Benefit Fairs, 2020 Plan Year9/13/2019View memo
2019-12Personnel Cabinet’s Employee Performance Evaluation/Management System Regulations (101 KAR 2:180, 101 KAR 2:190)9/9/2019View memo
2019-11Drug-Free Workplace8/19/2019View memo
2019-10Changes to Initial Probationary Periods8/7/2019View memo
2019-09Regulation Amendments: 101 KAR 2:034, 101 KAR 3:0457/5/2019View memo
2019-08Kentucky Pregnant Workers Act6/27/2019View memo
2019-07KRS 18A.150, Veteran’s Preference6/27/2019View memo
2019-06SB 107, Auto-Enrollment for Deferred Compensation 6/11/2019View memo
2019-05Updates to Classified and Unclassified Salary Schedule5/24/2019View memo
2019-04Primary Election4/30/2019View memo
2019-03Payroll Deferral4/26/2019View memo
2019-02Kentucky Retirement Systems PREP Meetings3/27/2019View memo
2019-01Public Service Recognition Week3/26/2019View memo
2018-14State Employee Christmas Open House12/10/2018View memo
2018-13Adverse Weather Leave11/9/2018View memo
2018-12Notification of Personnel Board Vacancy11/9/2018View memo
2018-11State Personnel Holidays for 201911/1/2018View memo

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