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Workplace Violence Prevention


The purpose of the Workplace Violence Prevention Guide is to establish a common framework for managing and preventing violence-related issues in the workplace.  The guide supports the Commonwealth interagency effort to consolidate resources and training, promote workplace wellness and safety, and suggest workplace violence prevention strategies for Commonwealth of Kentucky employees.

Commonwealth of Kentucky Workplace Violence Prevention Guide


The Workplace Violence Prevention Guide provides an overview of general policies, but also provides practices that agencies can adopt to help prevent threatening behavior, and better respond to and resolve incidents of threats and violence that occur.

As public employees, we may at some point in our career encounter a customer, client or even a co-worker who is becoming agitated or angry in our presence.  Verbal de-escalation is a set of non-physical skills to defuse a charged situation in an attempt to prevent a person from causing harm.  If you are interested in learning more, please visit the Kentucky Employee Assistance Program or take the time to read the following slide presentation.

 Verbal De-Escalation Skills Presentation



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