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Personnel Cabinet Contacts

Office of Diversity and Equality​

Affirmative Action 502.564.8000

Equal Employment Opportunity 502.564.8000

Governor's Minority Management and Training Program (GMMTP) 502.564.8000

Training (Anti-Harassment, Diversity & Inclusion and Generations in the Workplace)  502.564.8000

Office of Employee Relations

Adoption Assistance Program 502.564.9918

Employee Suggestion System 502.564.5954

Ergonomics 502.564.6625

Governor's Ambassador Awards 502.564.5954

Kentucky Employee Assistance Program (K.E.A.P.) 502.564.5788

Life Insurance 502.564.4774

Mediation Program 502.564.5974

Public Employee Recognition Week 502.564.5954

Service Certificates 502.564.5955

Workers' Compensation 502.564.6847

Governmental Services Center

Training and Employee Development 502.564.8170

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