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​​​​​​​​Health Plans

for current members and retirees

​A number of health insurance options are available to our members at extremely competitive rates.  All have medical and prescription drug benefits, and unlimited lifetime maximums.  Each plan offers four coverage levels: Single, Parent Plus [employee plus child(ren)], Couple [employee plus spouse], and Family [employee, spouse & children].  There are no referrals required with any of the plans, and each provides an extensive network of providers from which to choose.

Each plan offers the opportunity to participate in Why Weight Kentucky, a weight management program that provides the support of a dedicated nurse and covered prescription weight loss medications.  You are also eligible to participate in tobacco cessation programs and to receive over-the-counter nicotine replacement therapies.  For more information, visit LivingWell. 

         For a side-by-side comparison of plan costs Download the Benefits Grid

For complete details Download the Benefits Selection Guide

Commonwealth Capitol Choice

A unique, hybrid plan, Commonwealth Capitol Choice combines features of a consumer-driven plan with a traditional PPO plan.

This plan reimburses some covered services at a co-insurance amount, and other covered services are reimbursed at 100% after you pay a co-payment.

          • $500 up-front benefit allowance (does not roll over)
          • Only co-pays for office visits and many other services
          • $16 co-pay for well adult and well child visits (in-network)
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​​Commonwealth Optimum PPO

This is a traditional preferred provider organization (PPO) plan. This plan features larger paycheck deductions in exchange for lower out-of-pocket costs. This plan has flat co-pays for many services.

          • ​​​Only co-pays for office visits and many other services
          • $11 co-pay for well adult and well child visits (in-network)
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Commonwealth Maximum Choice

This is a consumer-driven plan that includes a health reimbursement account (HRA), which can be used to pay for covered expenses and reduce your deductible at the same time. Any remaining money will roll over to the next calendar year if you re-elect the same plan.

          • This plan is not available to retirees.
          • Routine well adult and well child visits at 100%
          • Health reimbursement account provided with your medical and pharmacy coverage
          • Pharmacy benefits apply to the deductible
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Commonwealth Standard PPO

This traditional PPO is a value-based plan that features higher deductibles, higher member co-insurance percentages, higher annual out-of-pocket maximums, but it offers much lower premiums.


Flexible Spending Account​

The Kentucky Employees' Health Plan offers two flexible spending accounts (FSAs) – both can save you money!

An FSA is a tax-free account that allow you to pay for certain healthcare or dependent care expenses with pre-tax money that you set aside through payroll deduction. This results in you paying less income and Social Security taxes!  Read more

​Waiving Coverage

If you do not need health insurance with KEHP, you can choose to waive insurance coverage and elect an employer-funded health reimbursement account (HRA). Your employer will contribute $175 per month, up to $2,100 per year, into an expense account which you can use to pay for qualified medical expenses. Funds do roll over from year to year as long as coverage is waived. There are two HRAs available, a waiver HRA and a waiver dental/vision only HRA. View Complete Details. HumanaVitality is not available to those who waive coverage.