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Training and Development – Human Resources Staff


Please see below for available training information. Online courses are available in the Learning module of MyPURPOSE.

Agency Security Contact (ASC)

This online course provides information and instruction for the Agency Security Contacts (ASC), serving as the liaison between the agency and Personnel Cabinet for system access. The course must be completed before the employee is granted the ASC role.

Benefits Administration

Click HERE to access resources for insurance coordinators, billing liaisons, and HR Administrators.

HR Courses

Where indicated, please see special HR requirements.

Accurate Time Reporting [All employees are required to complete this course.]

This online course provides important information about work schedules, keeping track of time worked, as well as the appropriate ways to accrue and utilize leave. All employees must complete this training.

        ODET Executive Branch Ethics [All employees are required to complete this course.]

This online course provides important information about the Executive Branch Code of Ethics.

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) [See HR equirements below.]

This is an in-depth instructor-led course intended to provide information on the application of the FMLA to Kentucky Executive Branch employees covered under KRS Chapter 18A.

HR Requirements: All HR staff with the HRG Security role, with the exception of County Fees, PVA, and UPS are required to complete this course.

Fundamentals of Payroll [See HR requirements below.]

This is an instructor-led course that covers essential payroll calculations pertaining to wages, payroll taxes, benefits and other deductions. Other topics include payroll operations, payroll reporting and employment taxes and a discussion of the professional skills and responsibilities of a payroll professional. 

HR Requirements: All HR staff with the HRG Security role, except County Fees, are required to complete this course.

Understanding the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) [See HR requirements below.]     

This classroom-based course will focus on several aspects of the FLSA and how it applies to Kentucky State Government.  Emphasis will be placed on Exempt vs. Non-Exempt, and what this means and why it is important to properly designate.  Additionally, the course will help participants to understand when time worked is compensable, to include such areas as travel, training, “on call”, rest and meal periods.

HR Requirements: This course is required for all Executive Branch HR Staff possessing the HRG Security role, except County Fees. 

System Courses

In accordance with Personnel Cabinet policy and the need to ensure awareness of the Personal Information Security and Breach Investigation Procedures and Practices Act (KRS 61.931), the Personnel Cabinet requires that all users complete security training before access is granted to any of the Personnel Cabinet systems and then annually, in order to maintain access. 

          • Security Awareness [All employees are required to complete this course.]
            This online course is presented by the Commonwealth Office of Technology and provides helpful tips on how to protect Commonwealth information and assets, including ways to keep sensitive information safe. All employees must complete this training.
          • HIPAA Rules & Compliance 
            This online course will define HIPAA terms, explain the regulations and discuss what business entities and employees in healthcare-related fields need to do to comply with them. Additional content, from DEI, is included with this course.
        Notice: The above courses replace the Information, Security, Training, Education, Policies/Procedures (iSTEP) Portal.


     Click HERE to access MyPURPOSE training information. 

Kentucky Human Resource Information System (KHRIS)

     Click HERE to access KHRIS training information.

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