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Awards & Recognition​

Forestry deploys firefighters to Oklahoma

Four Kentucky Division of Forestry crew members deployed to Oklahoma to assist with the "350 Complex" fires as part of the Southern Wildland Fire Compact. They returned home April 16.

Arcing power lines caused the fire located approximately six miles north of Woodward, Oklahoma.

Being a member of the Southern Wildland Fire Compact ensures that other states can assist Kentucky should a future fire situation require their help. The division is able to send these resources from the north central and western portions of Kentucky due to the predicted above normal precipitation over the next couple of weeks, current low fire occurrences in these areas and a leaf out of trees and vegetation that is ahead of schedule.

Forestry officials want to remind private landowners, public land managers and homeowners to help prevent wildland fires. To find out how you can prevent a wildfire from striking your home, visit the Kentucky Division of Forestry website at http://​forestry.ky.gov​. ​


Water quality portal wins Best of Kentucky award


Some new hardware will decorate the award shelf of the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection’s Division of Water.
The Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection was honored at the 2016 Kentucky Digital Government Summit with a Best of Kentucky award for the Kentucky Water Health Portal. To check out the portal, go here​.

While a major component of the portal is a mapping application, it also brings information together from diverse sources in a uniform way. The portal’s navigation menu provides links to a variety of state and federal water quality information.  

A clear and concise supporting document called ‘Water Rules Kentucky’s Water Health Guide’ is also available on the Portal. This document breaks down the technical jargon and presents the complex topic of water health in a way that the average citizen can understand. The portal concept was designed by a team from the Kentucky Division of Water.​

​Photo: Melissa Miracle, Annemarie Cason, Katie McKone and Division of Water Director Peter Goodmann receive the award.​