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Payroll Deduction Program Information for Companies/Organizations

Interested in Participating?

If you are a voluntary optional insurance company licensed to conduct business in Kentucky and are offering policies for any of the following : individual life, dental, vision, annuities (for Department of Education or Workforce Development Cabinet employees under Internal Revenue Code 403(b) only), property, and/or casualty; or if you are an employee organization you are eligible to *apply for participation with this service.

Below are the documents necessary to begin the application process:

    1. Introductory Letter
    2. Voluntary Optional Insurance/Payroll Deduction Program Overview
    3. Payroll Deduction Agreement
    4. Certificate of Authorization to Deduct Administrative and Other Charges Relating to the Cost of Payroll Deductions
    5. Application for Approval to Participate in Payroll Deduction Program
    6. Payroll Deduction Wire Transfer Form - This form is only required if you are requesting wire payment of premiums in your application.

      Completed application packets should be sent (by either mail/fax/email) to:
            Stephanie Lynn Carpenter, Administrator
            Payroll Deduction Program
            Department of Human Resources Administration
            501 High Street, 3rd Floor
            Frankfort, KY 40601
            Phone: 502.564.6616
            Fax: .502.564.1823
            Email: StephanieL.Carpenter@ky.gov

* You will be notified whether your application was approved or denied usually within three weeks of submitting the packet. If you are approved, please be advised that there is a fee charged that covers the cost of system programming that must be paid prior to set-up.

Already Approved for Participation?

Below is some information that might be helpful to you as you continue participating in this service:

NOTICE: The Personnel Cabinet reserves the right to deny participation requests from companies/organizations already existing in the payroll deduction program. It also reserves the ​right to discontinue programs that are determined not to be consistent with the best interests of the Commonwealth. ​