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Certificate of Supervisory Essentials

The Certificate of Supervisory Essentials (CSE), provides Executive Branch employees with a credible supervisory certificate program, designed to help current and developing supervisors gain the competencies they need to succeed within the extensive regulatory framework of the Commonwealth.

How to apply

To apply for the CSE, complete the application below and follow your agency's procedures for training and development.  Applications are accepted twice per year, June 1-30 and December 1-31. 

How to earn

In order to earn the CSE, you’ll need to take the required courses and pass an assessment.  You’ll have up to three opportunities to pass the assessment.  You must complete the coursework and pass the assessment within two years of applying for the CSE.

Required courses

            • CSE Orientation/Career Development (must be taken in the first month of program enrollment) 
            • Overview of the Merit System
            • Hiring and Selection Process: Best Practices
            • Managing Employee Performance
            • Employee Discipline and Documentation
            • Fundamentals of Safety and Health
            • Workplace Violence Prevention for Supervisors
            • Anti-Harassment Awareness
            • Embracing Diversity in the Workplace
            • Executive Branch Ethics
            • Valuing Employee Input


Frequently Asked Questions

CSE Policy

CSE Application



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