Training and Development - Online Courses

The following online courses are available to employees through the learning system. Whenever possible, employees should take courses through that system to ensure proper credit is received, especially for required courses.

Accurate Time Reporting [All employees are required to complete this course.]

This online course provides important information about work schedules, keeping track of time worked, as well as the appropriate ways to accrue and utilize leave. All employees must complete this training.

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Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

This is an in-depth online course intended to provide information on the application of the FMLA to Kentucky Executive Branch employees covered under KRS Chapter 18A. This course is open to any employee; however, we strongly encourage all HR employees and managers to complete this online course. 

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Employee Performance Evaluation Orientation

This online course is available to employees. This course is designed to offer employees an overview of the evaluation system.

The goal is to educate employees on the performance evaluation system and process as well as provide a refresher for employees who have been involved in the evaluation system for many years.

All newly eligible employees are required to complete the online orientation prior to January 1 of the employee’s initial performance evaluation period, as required in 101 KAR 2:180, Section 1 (9).

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Security Awareness [All employees are required to complete this course.]

This online course is presented by the Commonwealth Office of Technology and provides helpful tips on how to protect Commonwealth information and assets, including ways to keep sensitive information safe. All employees must complete this training.

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