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Hiring Information

 See below for detailed information and resources for managers pertaining to the merit system hiring process and use of the recruitment system, MyPURPOSE.

MyPURPOSE- Recruitment Module Resources

Requisition and MQR Business Procedure

Agency Roles

Applicant Flags

Statuses and Dispositions for Classified Positions

Statuses and Dispositions for Unclassified Positions

Communication Notifications

Recruitment Status Flowchart

Flowchart variations:

Training Information - Available on the Personnel Cabinet website under Resources/Training and Development/HR Staff-System Training

Executive Branch Classified Hiring and Selection Procedure

Executive Branch Classified Hiring and Selection Procedure

Executive Branch Classified Hiring and Selection Procedure Checklist
FLSA Exempt Test (please contact HR office for assistance)
Selection Panelist Conflict of Interest Statement
Interview Questionnaire Worksheet and continuation page
Internal Mobility Applicant Form
Prior Employment Reference Check Form for Final Candidates
Screening Criteria Worksheet
Requisite Skills Examples

Letter/Memorandum/Email Examples:
Written Interview Confirmation
COVID-19 Health Self-Assessment Notice for Candidates Selected for Interviews
Merit Hiring Recommendation
Confirmation of Employment


Guidance for Applying Veterans' Preference

Understanding Military Experience of Veterans

Additional Resources

Position Description Worksheet

Reemployment Rights

Reversion Rights

Reinstatement Privileges

Statutes and Regulations Related to the Hiring Process