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Payroll Deduction Program

Nearly 40 years ago, the Personnel Cabinet established the Payroll Deduction Program to facilitate premium payments for employees who were seeking insurance coverage not offered by the Commonwealth.  Due to advances in technology that lessen the need for the Payroll Deduction Program and the fact that the Commonwealth now offers optional life, dental, and vision coverage to employees, the Payroll Deduction Program for the payment of voluntary option insurance coverage will end effective July 1, 2019. 

Through June 2019, the Personnel Cabinet will continue to provide the service of payroll deducting premium payments for employees who were enrolled in voluntary optional insurance companies on or before October 16, 2018. Employees who wish to maintain those policies after that date must arrange for continued payment by contacting their insurance company directly.  

Employees should refer to company contact information provided during enrollment; however, a listing is also available HERE.

NOTICE: This change does not impact:

          • County Clerk or Sheriffs' office employees currently enrolled in plans specific to their county/office.
          • Payments made to state-sponsored plans such health, life, dental, vision, or Deferred Compensation.
          • Dues payments for employee associations.

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