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Workers' Compensation Insurance

The ‚ÄčKentucky Workers Compensation Program (excludes Transportation Cabinet employees) provides medical and disability benefits to employees who may experience a work-related injury or illness. A managed care program is used to provide covered medical benefits.


Complete the First Report of Injury

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What if I am injured at work?

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What if one of my employees is injured?

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Helpful links

 Select an approved managed care physician here.

View the Administrative Reg (101 KAR 2:140) that covers Workers' Compensation.

View Amendments (Personnel Memo 12-34)  to the Workers' Comp Fund and Program.



If approved by a physician, your agency may be able to provide a temporary modified work plan to make the transition back to work easier. If you have an employee that has been injured on the job, complete the Lost Time and Return-to-Work Form.    Read more about the Return-to-Work Program.


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