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About Us
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About the Personnel Cabinet

At the Kentucky Personnel Cabinet, we take pride in providing top-tier health and wellness benefits and human resources administrative support to state employees. You may have seen us at your local career fair promoting employment opportunities or attending wellness events sharing our robust health insurance plans. We love working ‘behind the scenes’ to ensure state employees have what they need to deliver the highest level of service to the public. We are a small but mighty team that continues to promote state government as an employer of choice by remaining innovative and prioritizing a diverse workforce.


Executive Leadership

Mary Elizabeth Bailey

Cabinet Secretary

Jamie Caldwell

Commissioner, DHRA

Alaina Myers

Deputy Commissioner, DHRA

Chris Biddle

Executive Director, KDCA

Robbie Perkins

Division Director, DTS

Wes Swarner

Executive Director, GSC

Vikki Stone

Executive Director, ODET

Alan Hurst

Executive Director, OER

Chris Chamness

Commissioner, DEI

Steeley Franco

Executive Director, OPA



Our Mission
Leadership & Guidance

The Personnel Cabinet provides leadership and guidance to attract, develop, motivate, and retain a talented, diverse workforce that provides outstanding service to state agencies and citizens of the Commonwealth; foster an understanding of and adherence to legal requirements; and create a positive and inclusive work environment that supports the holistic well-being of all employees.

Our Vision
Trusted & Valuable Resource

To be regarded by our employees and stakeholders as a trusted and valuable resource for innovative, accessible and responsive human resource services.

Our Values
Integrity, Quality, Diversity, Equality & Creativity

We believe in adherence to the highest standards of conduct and the conviction to do what is legally and morally right. We are committed to providing quality customer service. We will continually review our business processes based on customer needs and establish measures by which we will monitor our effectiveness. We believe that embracing people from diverse backgrounds adds to the richness and creativity of our workforce. We will ensure all people have equal access to the Commonwealth’s employment opportunities and other human resource services. We are committed to finding new and creative ways to serve our customers. We will apply progressive thinking to our systems, processes and services.

Office of the Secretary

Dept. of Employee Insurance

Dept. of Human Resources Administration

Kentucky Deferred Compensation

Office of Administrative Services

Office of Diversity, Equality & Training

Office of Employee Relations

Office of Legal Services

Office of Public Affairs

Office of the Ombudsman

Governmental Services Center




Helpful Documents

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Employee Handbook

Click here to view the Commonwealth's Employee Handbook, which will give in-depth answers to many questions about state government.