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Additional Benefits



Work/Life Balance
Scheduling options that work for you

We know life can be hectic and involves other important priorities. That’s why we recognize the need for flexibility when juggling a full-time job and family responsibilities. Team Kentucky offers flexible work schedules, compressed work weeks and telecommuting to give our employees control over their schedules.

Long-term financial assistance

Retirement plans are designed to give long-term security in the years after state service is complete. Most team members participate in the Kentucky Public Pensions Authority (KPPA), while some that work for the Education and Workforce Development Cabinet are enrolled in the Teacher’s Retirement System (TRS).

Kentucky Deferred Comp
Supplemental retirement program

Deferred Comp offers two retirement plans for employees to save and invest towards retirement. These plans can help bridge the gap between what you have in your pension and Social Security (if applicable), and how much you will need in retirement.

Adoption Benefits
Up to $7,000 for adoptive families

In an effort to help provide more Kentucky children permanent and loving homes, our adoption benefits program awards up to $5,000 or $7,000 for children with special needs in the form of a reimbursement, a stipend, or combination thereof to help cover adoption expenses as well as offset future medical or educational expenses.

Employee Suggestion System
Earn up to $2,500 for your good ideas!

The Kentucky Employee Suggestion System (KESS) provides monetary incentives to those who share ideas that will improve the productivity and services offered by the state. Cash awards range from $100 to $2,500.

Employee Discounts
A "thank you" from our community to state employees

Businesses throughout Kentucky are showing their appreciation by offering Commonwealth employee discounts. Enjoy great perks at retail stores, state parks, resorts, sporting events and more. ​

Direct Deposit
Your paychecks go directly to your bank account

Team members are paid twice per month using direct deposit! It is a convenient, reliable, cost and time saving alternative to issuing paper checks. It eliminates the need to pick-up and cash a check on pay day and instead provides access to funds immediately upon deposit.

Awards & Recognition
Service certificates, awards & more

Team Kentucky takes pride in its employees and offers recognition through service certificates every 5-10 years as well as upon retirement, in addition to the annual Public Service Recognition Week. Additionally, we celebrate team member contributions, commitment, and achievements through the Governor’s Ambassador Award and the Anderson Laureate Award each year.

Kentucky Employees Charitable Campaign
Give basic resources, family stability, education and health to those in need

Each year the Personnel Cabinet administers the Kentucky Employees Charitable Campaign (KECC) to all employees who receive their pay through the Commonwealth. The KECC is improving lives and strengthening Kentucky communities through Basic Needs, Family Stability, Education and Health. In 2021, Kentucky state employees gave over $437,930 in donations for their fellow Kentuckians.

Award-winning talent management system

MyPURPOSE is the talent management system for Team Kentucky and provides employees with access to internal career opportunities, learning, performance management as well as a number of subject-matter community forums.

Performance Management
A chance to highlight your own yearly performance

Eligible team members participate in the performance evaluation process. This system establishes clear performance goals, recognizes outside performance and encourages productive communication with an employee’s supervisor.

Access your salary statements, online W-2s and more

Team members are given access to Employee Self-Service (ESS) within the Kentucky Human Resources Information System (KHRIS). This includes the ability to view and even maintain certain personal information, access salary statements and online W-2s and more!

​​​​​​*Some benefits listed may not be available to all employees; certain benefits may be limited by employee position, statute, administrative regulation, and/or personnel policy.